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Enhance Your Knowledge with UWA Microcredentials

We are pleased to announce two UWA Plus microcredentials available in June and July. These courses are designed to enhance your understanding of groundwater systems and approaches for quantifying and predicting water resources. Each microcredential is priced at $990+GST with no prerequisites or eligibility criteria. Just decide which one is right for you and register using the links provided below.

Introduction to Groundwater Systems (GEOSM401)
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Starts 4th June. This course covers the geological setting of groundwater resources, groundwater storage and flow, groundwater recharge, surface water–groundwater interaction, and groundwater dependent ecosystems.

Characterising Groundwater Resources (GEOSM402)
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Starts 24th June. This course covers conceptual model development, using flow equations in groundwater systems, an introduction to drilling technology, production wells, and aquifer testing.

For technical staff who already have a good understanding of basic hydrology (surface or groundwater), GEOSM402 is recommended. For staff who are not in technical roles but would benefit from a deeper understanding of hydrology, GEOSM401 is ideal.

Participants who enrol in a UWA Masters degree can apply for Unit credit if they complete both GEOSM401 and GEOSM402 (equivalent to GEOS4401 Hydrogeological Systems).

Water literacy is important – consider a microcredential today!